Les Voiles de Saint Tropez 2015

Saint Tropez, France – Les Voiles de Saint Tropez is undoubtedly the world’s grandest yachting festivity and every year the magic of this sailing celebration fascinates even the habitués.
Once again, from September 27 to October 4, the spectacle was breathtaking: over 300 boats in a unique mix of classic and modern, filled the bay of the iconic French fishing village.

The Wally Class aligned 15 yachts on the starting line, the record fleet ever since the class was founded 16 years ago, and the regatta largest division of super yachts. In addition, Wally was on the spotlight for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Genie of the Lamp, the 80 footer that marked the evolution of yacht design, and still is a contemporary beauty.

2015 voiles saint tropezThis year edition of the Les Voiles de Saint Tropez was characterised by tough weather conditions that challenged the participants facing high seas, heavy rain, and medium-strong winds, while forcing the organisers to cancel two days of racing in a row. Nevertheless, at the end of the week the Wally division, with its own race committee, completed five races (versus only three of the other modern divisions!), allowing the competitors to discard the worst result.  As usual in the Wally Class, the fight was so high and tight that the winner, Magic Blue, was decided only in the last race!

In the first day, two Windward/Leeward courses were raced: Magic Blue won the first, Tango G the second, while Y3K, finishing fourth and second respectively,  took the lead of the general standings.
After three days of forced rest, the racing resumed with a 25-mile costal course under pouring heavy rain. It was Genie of the Lamp day: to honour the yachting genius, the winners of the day were awarded the exclusive Trophies expressly created by the artist Laurence Jenkell. Magic Carpet Cubed won the overall classification, J One the group 80 and Inti the group 2. The prize giving took place during a memorable party organised by Genie’s Owners in their private residence of Saint Tropez, to celebrate the 20th birthday of their yacht with friends and guests of the top yachting community.
On the last day, the Wally race committee managed to complete two races: one Windward/Leeward, and one coastal with a double victory of  Magic Blue. The two wins crowned Magic Blue winner of the Les Voiles de Saint Tropez 2015 Wally Class.
Magic Blue was also awarded with the BMW Trophy dedicated to the winner of the Wally Class. 
J One won the group 80, and Inti the group 2.
Congratulations to the winners and to all the teams!

The Les Voiles de Saint Tropez ended the Wally Class racing season.
Next year calendar starts with Gaastra Palmavela, from 4 to 8 May, 2016.
Stay tuned for more updates!

General Results Wally Division:
1. Magic Blue 6 p.
2. Y3K 12 p.
3. Open Season 15 p.
4. Galma 17 p.
5. J One (80) 20 p.
6. Tango G (80) 23 p.
7. Inti (2) 25 p.
8. Ryokan 2 (2) 28 p.
9. Lyra (80) 29 p.
10. Magic Carpet Cubed 30 p.
11. Nahita (80) 30,5 p.
12. Genie of the Lamp (2) 40 p.
13. Tilakkhana (80) 41 p.
14. Kenora (2) 54 p.
15. Sensei 60 p.

Download the Wally race times