Innovation in action

Luca Bassani tells the Wally story at the German Superyacht Conference

Hamburg, Germany  – “Wally has always been about innovation, about combining the latest technology with contemporary design, and about constantly looking at ways to enhance the on-the-water experience through performance, comfort and style,” said Luca Bassani, founder of the iconic Monegasque brand and guest speaker at the German Superyacht Conference, held in Hamburg on February 28, 2019.

In fact, since he founded the brand in 1994, Wally has pioneered groundbreaking solutions that have transformed technologies and aesthetics to the extent that today it is hard to identify any aspect of large yacht design, sail or power, that has not been influenced by his creative vision. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and many Wally innovations – from the early use of carbon fibre to the concept of easy sailing and folding bulwarks – have been widely adopted by other boat builders.

At the Hamburg venue, Luca Bassani for the first time presented the story of Wally depicting the innovations that became brand hallmarks and influenced the entire yachting industry. Bassani received accolades from the audience paying tribute to his disruptive role in the nautical history: 20 years ahead!

Innovation in action