Magic Blue crowned champion of Sail Racing Palmavela 2018

Difficult conditions at the inaugural regatta of the racing series

Palma de Mallorca -  This edition of Sail Racing Palmavela was characterized by instable and complicated weather conditions that made the regatta difficult for both the race committee and the competitors.The low pressure over the Balearics and the passage of several thunderstorms prevented the typical Palma thermal breeze to enter the bay.Nevertheless, the wind pressure varied from 8 to 18 knots allowing to complete five races, three Windward-Leeward and two coastals.Five Wallys on the starting line: Galateia, J One, Magic Blue, Magic Carpet 3 and Tango.

In all the races, the three wallycentos Galateia, Magic Carpet 3 and Tango fiercely fought in the front favouring the other two competitors  J One and Magic Blue, to sail in clear air and free from any pressure.

The first day had a costal course of 32 miles, that was spoiled by the lack of wind at the first windward mark where Tango took a huge lead over the other Wallys.  But in the long downwind run towards the finishing line, with the wind up to 17 knots, the three Wallycentos had a worse wind angle than J One and Magic Blue who bridged the disadvantage and finished first and second, respectively.In the second day two Windward-Leeewards were completed in  8-18 knots of wind. In these conditions, the Wallycentos sailed very close to each other, allowing the 94-foot Magic Blue, winner of the race,  and the 80-foot J One to fully exploit their tactics and speed throughout the course without any interference.Tango won the second WL race of the day because in the first downwind leg they jibed towards the shore gaining a 2-minute lead!The second coastal race of the event was completed in the third day, and it was very regular throughout the course but at the mark in front of Puerto Portals the complete lack of wind stopped Magic Carpet 3 that was in the lead, while Galateia sailed away at full speed thanks to the Code 0. Magic Blue and J One stopped for one hour!In the fourth and last day, one WL was raced , in 10-12 knots of wind, that was won by Magic Blue who won the event, with J One and Tango completing the podium, and Magic Carpet 3 and Galateia finishing in fourth and fifth position respectively.

Congratulations to the winner and to the all teams for the great performances and for the crew work, showing impeccable preparation.  The results prove that even the older yachts of the fleet are still very competitive: long life to the Wallys!

The next regatta is the Rolex Giraglia with inshore races in Saint Tropez from  8 to 12 June, followed by the Rolex Giraglia off-shore starting in the iconic French town on the 13 June, and finishing in Genoa, after 243-miles. This race counts double score for the Wally Trophy.

As usual, we will broadcast the live tracking: stay tuned in the Wally Class app!

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Magic Blue crowned champion of Sail Racing Palmavela 2018