Wally 93: the rudder 2.0

As sharp as a blade, as light as a feather

Forlì, Italy  - The new Wally 93 is the expression of the most advanced technologies applied to performance superyachting.  From the design to the engineering and construction, she epitomises the latest breed of cruiser-racers. 

Every item reflects the state-of-the-art yacht, developed and built at the highest standards.

No wonder the rudder is a full-carbon work of art!

The impressive appendage, rudder stock included, is 5,70-meter long and weighs only 150 kgs.

The Wally 93 has entered the final phase of the construction, and the launch is scheduled for April 21. More news to come, stay tuned.

Wally 93 the rudder 2.0