Gaastra Palmavela 2016

Palma de Mallorca, Spain –Much awaited like always, is the usual season opening of the Wally Class at Gaastra Palmavela, organised by the Real Club Nautico from 4 to 8 May.



    11 Wallys on the starting line, the record participation FOR this event that was at its 13th edition.
    Most of the boats were optimised during the winter, and everybody was anxious to test the improvements on the water. Many novelties also in the crews, making all the teams exceptionally fierce, increasing the level of the competition.

    As usual the Wally Class was the largest, most competitive and most appealing division of the regatta. The focused WAS on the duellists wallycento Magic Carpet Cubed and Open Season, the number one seed after her glorious 2015 season, that last year offered a great show of very close match-racing. The one in between WAS Magic Blue that together with Galma represented the 94 –foot couple.
    The 80-foot group WAS very large counting six yachts on the starting line (J One, Nahita, Lyra, Ryokan 2, Tango G, Tilakkhana)  for a very fierce battle.  The fleet was completed by the faithful super Corinthian Kenora.

    Palma welcomed the racers offering an instable weather, that was very different from the usual situation of the Balearic island: the low pressure prevented the regular sea breeze to fill in. Despite this instability of the wind, the organisers managed to complete all the six scheduled races: four WL and two costal courses, with a wind from 8 to 15 knots blowing from different directions.

    This instability, combined with the high competition, produced great uncertainty and continuous overturning in the race results and in the standings: five different winners in six racers and the final winner was decided only in the last leg of the last race! J One jumped from the fourth position she had before the sixth race, to winning the series. Similarly Ryokan 2 went from the fifth to the second position while Magic Blue managed to keep her third place.  At the same time, Open Season was leading after the fifth race and finished fourth…
    The balanced competition is reflected also in some race results where two boats were tied with exactly the same corrected time: in race 1 both Open Season and Magic Blue won while Nahita and Tango G were tied in sixth place, and in race 5 Galma and Tango G were tied in seventh place!
    The same closeness is in the final standing score: only one point separates the first from the second classifieds, and one and half point between the first and the third!
    Successful debut of the Wally Class app, that was largely and effectively used by all the competitors to monitor live their performance in corrected time compared to their direct competitors.

    The next rendezvous of the Wally Class is the Loro Piana Superyacht Regata, to be held in Porto Cervo, from the 7th to 11th of June. Y3K will join the Wally Class  that will count  12 yachts!
    Stay tuned.
    Stay tuned, follow the live racing in this web site and with the Wally Class app!

    General Results Wally Division:
    1. J One (80) 15 p.
    2. Ryokan (2) 16 p.
    3. Magic Blue 16,5 p.
    4. Lyra (80) 18 p.
    5. Open Season 19,5 p.
    6. Nahita (80)  23,5 p.
    7. Magic Carpet Cubed 28 p.
    8. Tango G (80) 28 p.
    9. Galma 33,5 p.
    10. Tilakkhana (80) 44 p.
    11. Kenora (2) 52 p.

    Download the Wally race times