Wally Trophy standings after three regattas

The Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup confirmed the strong leadership of Open Season, the defending champion of the Wally Trophy: after the third of the four regattas of the Wally Class calendar, the Wally 107 stretched her lead and now is 16,5  points ahead of Lyra and  27,5 points ahead  of J One.

At the end of the season, the Wally Class Trophy is awarded to the winner of the series, determined using the high point scoring system.
This system rewards the results according to the number of participants: the higher the participation, the higher the score because the competition is stronger. 
The Wally with the highest number of points wins the Wally Trophy.

Stay tuned for the next regatta, the Voiles de Saint Tropez, to be held September 26-October 2, where the Wally Class will have a 16-yacht record fleet!

download the Wally Trophy standings